Zero to Data in Seconds

Learn how to install, run scripts and write your own playbooks.

./bash -c "$(curl-fsSL"
./bash -c "$(curl-fsSL"

Paste this in a macOS Terminal or Linux shell prompt to download the PX CLI and install Pixie. For more details read here.

Under the hood of our
Auto-Telemetry Platform

Command Driven Interfaces

Programmatically access data via the Pixie CLI and pre-built Pixie UI dashboards designed to allow you to debug scenarios faster than any other developer tool.

In-Cluster Edge Compute

Pixie Command Module is deployed in your K8s cluster to isolate data storage and computation within your environment for drastically better intelligence, performance & security.

Progressive Instrumentation

Out of the box visibility: Pixie Edge Modules (“PEMs”) collect full body request traces (via eBPF), system metrics, custom metrics, logs & K8s events without the need for code-changes and at less than 5% overhead.

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